Tuesday, August 22, 2006

30 Things About Me

To introduce myself, I am writing 30 things nobody knows about me:

1. I am a Leo cusp Cancer
2. I wear really daggy surf brand jumpers around the house.
3. I read Amalah.com religiously, along with celebrity gossip blogs.
4. am addicted.
5. I like sugary anything, even though teeth are stuffed.
6. I run two small businesses.
7. I hate defrosted food of any kind, especially chilli-con-carne.
8. I am an Apple computer fangirl. I have two of them plus an iPod. Once you have Mac, you don't go back.
9. I love creating digital art.
10. I have blonde hair that used to be in condition until the hairdresser ruined it.
11. My boyfriend is a brunette. His hair is thick and shiny, mine is not.
12. I hate tea. Of. Any. Kind.
13. I hate loud noise, especially TV and radios.
14. Generally, I think television is for stupid heads.
15. I buy 90% more tops than I do pants or shorts and skirts.
16. I live in a stupid bumpkin town near Sydney, Australia.
17. I have crazy sensitive smell and hearing, like a catfoxmouse creature.
18. Recently, I had my wisdom teeth out.
19. I had no bruising.
20. I am an only child.
21. I like everything from the 1960's.
22. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, architect, cartoonist and more.
23. I still haven't gotten a job yet.
24. My best friend isn't my best friend anymore, we don't talk, had an argument.
25. I like the Sims 2 but never have the time to play it.
26. All of my early birthdays involved Black Forest Cake.
27. I own an Xbox360
28. I will probably buy a Wii
29. My boyfriend loves gaming, most likely the reason I own an Xbox360
30. I am afraid of being alone and I also hate bugs.


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