Tuesday, August 22, 2006

30 Things About Me

To introduce myself, I am writing 30 things nobody knows about me:

1. I am a Leo cusp Cancer
2. I wear really daggy surf brand jumpers around the house.
3. I read Amalah.com religiously, along with celebrity gossip blogs.
4. am addicted.
5. I like sugary anything, even though teeth are stuffed.
6. I run two small businesses.
7. I hate defrosted food of any kind, especially chilli-con-carne.
8. I am an Apple computer fangirl. I have two of them plus an iPod. Once you have Mac, you don't go back.
9. I love creating digital art.
10. I have blonde hair that used to be in condition until the hairdresser ruined it.
11. My boyfriend is a brunette. His hair is thick and shiny, mine is not.
12. I hate tea. Of. Any. Kind.
13. I hate loud noise, especially TV and radios.
14. Generally, I think television is for stupid heads.
15. I buy 90% more tops than I do pants or shorts and skirts.
16. I live in a stupid bumpkin town near Sydney, Australia.
17. I have crazy sensitive smell and hearing, like a catfoxmouse creature.
18. Recently, I had my wisdom teeth out.
19. I had no bruising.
20. I am an only child.
21. I like everything from the 1960's.
22. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, architect, cartoonist and more.
23. I still haven't gotten a job yet.
24. My best friend isn't my best friend anymore, we don't talk, had an argument.
25. I like the Sims 2 but never have the time to play it.
26. All of my early birthdays involved Black Forest Cake.
27. I own an Xbox360
28. I will probably buy a Wii
29. My boyfriend loves gaming, most likely the reason I own an Xbox360
30. I am afraid of being alone and I also hate bugs.

Bucket of crazy and some salvation

Gee, this blog went nowhere fast. I actually deleted a lot of the insanely boring posts I had made originally. Which is probably good news for anyone who read them.

Moving on, I am about to finish my Fashion Business certificate. Well, I am on the third last week of it. Which is fandamntastic. Except, I'm going to them start a course in Graphic Design. So, I guess that completely ruins the excitement. I study at home because I feel like it. It's a bit hard on the old social life. I couldn't go live in the city where the college is because I don't like that city. End of story. So I sit home and study to my hearts content. Which is sometimes difficult, but you have to find that motivation.

Every weekend I go to the markets. I sell things there. As one does. This market is the time to observe the crazy people which markets in the city are seemingly obligated to invite every Saturday. For example, the lady who goes, "huhn!" and squidges up her face every 10 seconds, I think it's a tic, I want to hypnotise her. There is also the crazy man who was screaming for a Hare Krishna to give him salvation and of course the crazy stallholders who eye you warily in case you steal their suppliers. Yes, one of them started yelling at my boyfriend for trying to steal their ideas while he was standing at the other end of a quadrangle, smoking. She started yelling at him, telling him she knows what he is doing and that he will be reported. I now look at her like she is a crazy cat lady whenever she walks past us.

Believe me someone gave this woman a bucket of crazy.